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What Is Mind Luster Wikipedia?

  • October 5, 2023
  • 3 min read
What Is Mind Luster Wikipedia?

Technology has expanded education, and new online tools are transforming how we learn forever. One innovator, Mind Luster, is a customizable online platform that attracts students from many fields. Berlin-based Mind Luster, formed in 2021, is a pioneer in EdTech, a fast-growing industry. 

Mind Luster Key Metrics

Founded Year

Mind Luster’s mission to change digital education began in 2021. This fresh, colourful platform, developed to empower students worldwide, has made remarkable progress in education.


Berlin, in central Europe, is Mind Luster’s operating hub. This move emphasizes the platform’s commitment to innovation and access to a diverse talent pool in one of the continent’s digital hubs.

Company Profile of Mind Luster

Sectors and Market Segments 

Mind Luster has entered the B2C EdTech sector. Mind Luster’s curriculum is customized for each learner and includes several themes.

Funding and Investors of Mind Luster

Funding Rounds 

That Mind Luster survived without outside sponsorship is astonishing. Mind Luster still needs to raise funds, reflecting its independence and forward-thinking in EdTech.


Mind Luster is unique among investors. The platform does not accept angel or institutional investors. This shows the platform’s independence and unwavering dedication to providing high-quality education to everyone.

Competitors of Mind Luster

Many key factors show Mind Luster’s competitive industry:

  • 3699 Game Players The booming EdTech business competes for global student interest.
  • Despite being new to the industry, Mind Luster’s 4,356th rank in the company demonstrates it has a good basis to grow.
  • Education technology is a lucrative investment prospect since 129 rivals to Mind Luster have received the money.
  • 103 businesses have departed the market, showing that the industry is dynamic and that certain enterprises have had an impact.

Total funding raised in the industry

Mind Luster and its competitors received $3.99 billion from 964 investors in 370 financing rounds.

Private unicorns, public, and acquired companies

Three privately owned unicorns, nine publicly listed organizations, and ninety-four acquired EdTech companies indicate a robust and expanding market.

Top Competitors of Mind Luster

  • Udemy: Udemy, founded in San Francisco in 2010, has changed instructional technology. It teaches several subjects and is publicly traded.
  • UpGrad: UpGrad, formed in 2015 in Mumbai, is now a competitive competitor after a successful Series B investment round.
  • Simplilearn: Another rival is San Francisco-based Simplilearn. The firm started in 2010 and has been known for its flexibility and development via acquisitions.


Mind Luster, a cutting-edge B2C education platform, represents the future of education technology. Its position as a privately sponsored upstart in a sector dominated by larger schools shows its commitment to providing high-quality education to everyone. With online education growing, Mind Luster is a promising new technology in digital education.

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