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Niva Followers Apk : Increase Visibility on Social Media Platforms

  • June 7, 2024
  • 5 min read
Niva Followers Apk : Increase Visibility on Social Media Platforms

Being present on social media and managing your accounts effectively can be a difficult task. Especially, if you are an influencer, or into digital marketing or something which brings revenue. Posting, tracking, managing all this involves investing a lot of time on these apps. Therefore, it becomes almost impossible for many of us. However, if you desire to be more socially active on these handles, skipping this information would be a loss. Because this article focuses on talking about Niva Followers apk. It is basically a tool that can help you to manage your social media accounts in a way easy manner. For everything you need to you, this tool serves you with the best kind of service. It simply gives what you need. Whether you want to keep a track of your followers and likes, or to know the number of comments. Moreover, even if you schedule your posts for a specific time, this tool does not disappoint you. You can simply schedule the post and it will be on your social account at the time you prefer.

Along with providing several benefits, it has some other features which help you grow your profile’s visibility. Furthermore, you can also use it to track your growth on the platform. Thus, this tool is of your interest, learn more about it through this blog post.

About Niva Followers Apk

It is a tool that is available for all the android users. Mostly used by people who want to earn through social media platforms. However, it is not mandatory that only they can use it. Hence, even if you are not an influencer, and you just want to track your account’s activity and status, you can do it. Moreover, this tool can do a lot more than you think. But first, let us take a closer look at the details of this tool –

  • Name – Niva Followers
  • Category – Tool
  • Size of the tool – 9 MB
  • Current Version – 7.3
  • Update – Last updated on 21st May, 2024
  • Requirement – Android 6.0 or more.

So now, managing your social accounts has become easy and convenient with this tool. It can help you a lot. For example –

You can easily keep a track of your followers on different social media apps

Keep an eye on number of likes and comments.

You can see which posts is getting more love. Hence, you can create similar sort of content for your audience.

You can schedule your posts for a specific time. Because there are certain algorithms which allows you to be more visible if you post in the specific period of time.

Hence, get all your tasks done with no efforts. Niva helps you to seamlessly manage all your accounts.

Features of Niva Followers Apk

Gaining followers through this tool is easier than managing your accounts on your own. The features that this tool provides does not let anything come between you and success. Thus, let us take a look at the features –

  • Know who Follows you – When we lose followers, we often het curious about who unfollowed us right? But this tool makes it transparent to you about who follow and unfollows you.
  • Detailed Profiles – You can check the name, bio and even the location of people who follow you. Moreover, this helps you to restrict unwanted people from spying on you!
  • Easy to use – No, you do not have to be technologically skilled to use this tool. Furthermore, this tool is so easy that you can use it right in the first go.
  • Real Time Notifications – You will get all the notifications of followers, likes, comments in real time. Therefore, you can always stay updated.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Niva Followers Apk


  • Have a closer look at who follows you.
  • Moreover, you can also know if someone has blocked you.
  • You can auto-follow people with similar interests.
  • This tool can generate relevant hashtags and help you be more visible on the app.
  • Increases engagement with audience


  • Only available for android
  • Can not add multiple accounts
  • Sometimes it operates slow
  • You can not customise according to your needs
Niva Followers apk
Niva Followers apk

How Does Niva Followers Apk Work ?

After opening the tool, log in to your Instagram account through the tool’s log in option. Further, you can choose what services you want to tool to perform for you. Afterwards, just press on the “start” button and enjoy the services of the tool.


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Niva Followers apk is a tool that helps people who want to grow on social media apps. However, it can only help only android users. In addition, it can provide you with a lot of benefits in managing your accounts which makes it easy for you. Thus, increasing your visibility on the social media accounts has become easy. Thank you.

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