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Indown in : Download Instagram Videos

  • April 15, 2024
  • 5 min read
Indown in : Download Instagram Videos

Hello beautiful people. How are you doing? Welcome back to one more blog. We all know how important social media plays an important part in our lives. Moreover, several platforms have become a part of our everyday routine. One of the most popular platforms among people is Instagram. Furthermore, it is mostly used by teenagers and young adults. In addition, we spend hours scrolling through reels and posts right? So the question here is – Do you sometimes feel like saving certain videos on your phone? But you do not have an option on the app to directly save the videos. So you either screen-record it or just do not download it right? Moreover, the screen recording process is not hassle-free. Therefore, in this article you will get the solution for sure. This blog is on indown in. This tool helps in downloading the videos from the instagram app into your mobile gallery. To learn more about indown in, read the article.

What is indown in ?

This tool is designed in a way that it can understand the want of its users. Moreover, who does not want to download the videos in a fast speed? Also, it is very important that you download something safe in your phone. So this tool takes care of all these things. Therefore, you can now download all the videos of your choice quickly and safely. Not only this, it also helps you to ‘anonymously’ download the videos. Furthermore, you do not have to download any other app to do this. Are you asking why? This is because it is a web platform. It means that you can access this tool on your browser. Without installing any additional app. Therefore, no harmful app is installed in your device. Hence, your device remains completely safe from any malware. Moreover, no additional app means no wastage of storage.

Furthermore, if you think you will have to enter your login details again and again for downloading videos, it is not such. This tool automatically uses Instagram API. Therefore, for downloading videos, you will not have to enter you details again and again. Hence, it is convenient and easy. Moreover, this tool does not require you to create an account. Therefore, it is very convenient and direct.

Moreover, it allows you to download unlimited videos from Instagram. That too for no cost at all! Yes, you heard it absolutely right. It does not ask for any subscription or anything.

Features of indown in

  • Here are some of the features of this amazing instagram video downloader –
  • It is absolutely free to use this web based tool. There is no need to pay for any downloading. Moreover, there is no limit to download the videos. It allows you to download unlimited videos for free.
  • The speed of downloading is fast. It does not take too much time to download the video. Therefore, no annoying waiting time.
  • The tool does not require any additional app. Therefore, your device is safe from any harm.
  • You do not have to waste your precious time in creating an account on this platform. This is because it does not require and account. Therefore, it is very convenient and easy.
  • Your data is completely safe as you are not putting any information on the platform such as email or any password.
  • It can be used on any device. For instance, mobile, laptop, etc. Moreover, it can be accessed on every type of device such as android, iOS.
  • No reduction in quality. It means that you can download the videos in their original instagram quality.
  • Along with videos, you can also download photos and IGTV videos. Therefore, download anything on instagram without any hassle.
Indown in
Indown in

Process of Downloading

  • It is very easy to download Instagram videos through this amazing web tool. There are a few simple steps to download videos. These steps are –
  • While you are watching a video on instagram, if you want to download it, copy its link.
  • On your web browser, open the web page of indown in.
  • You will find an input box of instagram Video Downloader
  • Paste that link in this input box
  • Click on the download button and let it process.
  • It will take hardly few moments.
  • Tadaaa! You can now watch the instagram video offline.
  • If you guys are unaware how to copy the link of videos on instagram, do not worry, we will tell you.
  • When you watch a video, you will see three dots on the video.
  • When you click on those dots, you will get several options.
  • One of the options is to copy link of the video.
  • Click on that “copy link” option
  • Now follow the steps given in the previous section.


Indown in is a web based tool which is used to download videos from Instagram. Moreover, it does not charge a penny to download. Furthermore, the tool lets you download photos and IGTV videos too. In this article we have mentioned all the features of this tool. In addition, we have also discussed the process of downloading the videos from instagram. Therefore, we suppose this is all you need to know. Share this blog with people who love watching videos on instagram. Thank you.

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