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How To Make Crispy And Delicious French Fries At Home?

  • October 13, 2023
  • 4 min read
How To Make Crispy And Delicious French Fries At Home?

French fries are a very popular dish around the world. They are usually served in restaurants, bistros, or cafes as appetizers. Cooking homemade French fries is a foolproof option for a game night with card games or bookmaker online Vave. But is it possible to make delicious French fries at home? Of course yes, but there are some secrets to learn first! 

By the way, many people consider French fries to be an American dish, but in fact, this is not true. For the first time French fries appeared in Belgium. If you believe the legend, a creative and talented cook, whose name is unknown, decided to cut potatoes into thin slices and fry them in boiling oil.

Then French fries came to England, and from where they continued their march across Europe. European immigrants brought French fries to America. Interestingly, the history of French fries is similar to the history of donuts: they were also initially brought to America by immigrants from Europe. In the USA crispy French fries became so popular that they became a real culinary cult. And many people call it an American appetizer, although Americans themselves still call it “French potatoes” or “French-style potatoes”.

Secrets to cooking perfect homemade French fries

So, how to make french fries at home? You should choose the right ingredients and decide on the recipe. The right choice of ingredients is really important for the French fries. It would directly depend on the taste, so take the choice responsibly. There are only three ingredients to cook French fries:

  1. Potatoes. How to choose them for French fries? First, it is best to use something that is not very old, because it is more flavorful, and there is less starch in it, so that the slices will be whole, quite dense, and beautiful. However, baby potatoes are also not suitable for French fries. Their flavor qualities are different from those required. Second, choose oblong tubers to get long slices, like in a restaurant. Third, use only high-quality and fresh potatoes without spots and mold. The variety on the other hand can be anything, but restaurants usually use Innovator, Russet Burbank, Santana, or Saturn’s potatoes.
  2. Oil. Use regular sunflower oil, but be sure to use deodorized and refined, otherwise, the dish may acquire an unpleasant smell and an undesirable dark color.
  3. Salt. It is desirable to use finely ground salt, as large crystals can penetrate the structure and dissolve unevenly. Natural sea salt will make the dish a little more useful.

Here are some tips on how to make the dish taste better:

  1. If you use sprouted potatoes, they can fall apart after frying because of the high starch content. And to avoid this, after peeling the tubers can be immersed in cold water for an hour or two. Then you can proceed directly to making French fries.
  2. Cut potatoes in slices as thin as possible. First, then the slices will fry completely. Secondly, cooking will take less time, which means that fewer carcinogens are formed.
  3. In McDonald’s restaurants, potatoes are cooked in a special way that makes them crispy but retains a light and pleasant texture. And this is achieved by special preparation. So, first, the slices are blanched, that is, literally immersed in boiling water for a few seconds. Then they are fried in oil, but only 3-5 seconds. Then the potatoes are quickly frozen and distributed on points. As a result, a crust is formed on the surface, which prevents the oil from penetrating inside. That is, in the subsequent full-fledged frying, the crust becomes even more crispy, and inside the potato as if it were baked.
  4. You can replace sunflower oil with any other vegetable oil. For example, flaxseed or olive oil will make the dish more flavorful and even useful.
  5. Do not use too much oil to fry the potatoes well. It should just cover all the potato slices completely.
  6. Before immersing the potatoes in the fryer (i.e. in boiling oil), wipe and dry them well, otherwise you will not avoid the strong sizzling and splashing caused by the liquid.
  7. Salt the French fries before serving, otherwise, they won’t be crispy enough.

Nothing can replace the Just-cooked taste of crispy potato fries. If you don’t have enough time to make them at home, contact us and try our delicious Fuego fries

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